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1. Our services

  • Consulting : You are looking for a specific Porsche that we currently do not have. We can find it for you.
  • Selling : Find our current stock in "FOR SALE" section.
  • Part-exchange : You want to buy one of our vehicles. We can also buy your current car in exchange (on a case by case basis).
  • Buying : You want to sell your Porsche ? We can buy it.
  • Consignment : You want to sell your Porsche ? We can find a buyer for you.
  • Export : We can ship our cars to foreign countries.
  • Pre-purchase inspection : You have found a Porsche elsewhere. We can check it for you before you take the risk to buy it.

2. Quality cars

  • Robust buying methodology : More than 330 points are checked (identification, body, engine, gearbox, etc), some specific to each type of Porsche.
  • Document with key check points : Can be showed in order to give you an idea about those check points.
  • We show you what we check : We can show you on the car how to estimate its value.
  • You can see the car on a lift : On request we can show you the car on a lift, so that you can also see everything under the car.
  • More details.

3. You get all the required information to make the right choice, and a good investment as well

  • One year Warranty on cars sold from our own stock.
  • Maintenance book, invoices, etc are provided.
  • We tell you if the car has been repainted.
  • Belgian official Technical control Report will be provided.
  • Mileage is analysed (thanks to Belgian Car-pass, number of engine hours for the 996/997/991, etc).
  • Piwi test : we give you engine over-rev information (has the engine been wrongly used ?).
  • We check whether the car has been accidented or not.
  • We use the official contracts prepared by Federauto, the Belgian association of car dealers.
  • Jobs done on the cars we sell are realised by Porsche specialists in order to ensure quality.
  • We propose you to try the car on the road so that you can confirm that the car is the right one for you.
  • We are member of Federauto, the Belgian association of car dealers.
  • More details.

4. You receive advise from someone specialized in Porsche

My profile is as follows :

  • I have a diploma of Business Administration from Solvay Business School. I have been always passionate about cars, and decided to change of life and make my hobby my work.
  • Proud owner of a 911 SC Cabriolet, classic Mini Cooper S and Fiat 500.
  • I have a diploma of car mechanics from the Mechanic and Electricty Institute (mechanic support).
  • I have passed the examinations to be granted the right to exercise the jobs of car dealer and mechanic.
  • I specialised in a very limited number of models in order to know them very well.

5. You can compare several Porsche, from several generations

  • We have several Porsche in stock. You can therefore compare different generations of Porsche.

6. Buying a car from or with us will be pleasant and fun. You are at the centre of our attention.

Among other we propose you to :

  • Compare several Porsche.
  • Try and drive the car yourself.
  • Check cars which are in very good shape and well cleaned (we clean the cars so that they look brand new).
  • Find our selection of Porsche lifestyle products (watch, books, USB key, cufflinks, etc).
  • Please contact us to get more information...
  • More details.

7. You will be able to easily re-sell your Porsche, if needed

  • You bought a car from us, and you want to re-sell it ? The car we sold you, we know it very well. We can therefore propose you to sell it for you in consigment, at excellent conditions.

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